Tip Top Donuts


Marietta, GA

Kid: “The donuts are really good here, because they have that extra dimension of fluffiness that other places don’t have. I’ve also tried the hot chocolate and it is delicious.”

Kid 2: “It gets an extra half donut because of the hot chocolate.”

Mom: “The blueberry fritter had a very natural flavor. Not fake.”

Dad: Super fluffy, which is a nice change from many places. Bonus points for tossing a few extra donut holes in the box. I was jealous of my wife’s fritter. The Boston Creme was good, not heavy, and the sour cream with chocolate glaze was perfect after dunking in coffee.



introduction to “you deserve a donut”

say you were on vacation. you were at your house in the morning and you were out of breakfast cereal. just hit the computer, go to our website and find a good donut place near you. it is the best website because you get the adults point of view as well as the kids (although sometimes only the adult or only the kid goes to  a donut place like revolution or duck) just search our site for a donut place near you.